Who We Are

Our Mission


WFCU Credit Union – Quality, Convenience, Innovation, Open to Everyone and Yours To Own.

Mission Statement

WFCU Credit Union will provide services and a full range of highest quality financial products to make our community the best place to live and work.

Corporate Values

We will conduct business of the organization with the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

We will adhere to high moral actions and will pledge to operate in a straightforward and principled manner.

Our members and service to our members are our highest priority. Striving to establish long-term relationships will ensure a member focused organization.

Our Board of Directors will represent the best interests of our members and ensure that corporate planning, policies and strategic direction is in place to effectively promote the interests of our members.

Management & Staff
We will provide an atmosphere of co-operation allowing individual input towards the successful achievement of the strategic direction. Personal self-development, a willingness to adapt and eagerness to learn will be of the highest importance.

Excellence of Service & Quality
We are dedicated to providing a level of quality service which will best assist our membership.  All management and staff are committed to understanding our products and services and will conform to job requirements at all times.

We will continuously seek progressive and innovative methods to better service our members and our communities.