About Us

WFCU Credit Union has been recognized as a leading, progressive financial institution headquartered in Windsor and Essex County since 1940. Proudly serving Ontario residents, community organizations, small businesses, commercial entities and public institutions for over 80 years, WFCU Credit Union is the sixth largest credit union in Ontario, and twentieth largest credit union in Canada. WFCU Credit Union operates nine retail locations in Windsor-Essex as well as three retail locations in the Waterloo Region through ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union and
one digital entity, Omnia Direct. Through their variety of service channels including online and mobile banking, telephone banking and ATM services, WFCU Credit Union and its divisions have become the financial institutions of choice for 58,163 members across Ontario including 53,767 personal members in 25,249 households, 3,053 businesses and 1,343 organizations. Currently, WFCU Credit Union has $6.83 billion in Managed Assets and Member Service Totals of $9.3 billion. WFCU Credit Union membership is open to anyone who lives and/or works in Ontario.

August 2021