Overdraft Protection

CU Overdraft Protection™ Service

There may be times when you write a cheque without realizing that there's not enough money in your account to cover the purchase. It is for those unexpected situations that WFCU Credit Union offers CU Overdraft Protection service. Once you're approved for your CU Overdraft Protection service, you can be assured that your transaction will be covered up to your authorized overdraft limit. This will avoid the cost and inconvenience of having your transaction returned or denied because of insufficient funds. As well, it will save you from having to remember to transfer the funds from your savings account to cover your transaction.

Coverage for ATM transactions - If you use the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), make an Interac® Debit transaction or have an automatic withdrawal set up, WFCU Credit Union automatically covers these transactions, up to your CU Overdraft Protection service limit.

There's no cost, until you use it with CU Overdraft Protection service.  If you do use it, you pay a monthly fee and overdraft interest on the outstanding balance only for the days that you use it. When your account is overdrawn, all deposits to your account are automatically credited to any outstanding overdraft balance.

Easy record keeping - Your CU Overdraft Protection service transactions will be included as part of your monthly statement with all of your other services or products at WFCU Credit Union. This means that all CU Overdraft Protection service transactions will be summarized for easy record keeping.

For more information, visit one of our retail locations or contact the Member Contact Centre at 519-974-3100, during regular business hours.