ALTO Savings Account

Earn more on the money you save with ALTO, our high interest savings account that gives you access to your money anytime you want, while still earning premium interest rates.

With an ALTO Savings Account you get:
  • Easy and convenient access to your account
  • Interest that is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • 1 free debit a month
  • No charges for transfers to and from accounts
  • Telephone banking access
  • Online banking services with online statements
  • Mobile banking access
To learn more, book an appointment with one of our Member Consultants by contacting us at 519-974-WFCU.

Plan 24 Daily Interest Savings Account

Our Plan 24 Daily Interest Savings Account is your basic savings account. Interest is calculated on your daily balance and paid quarterly. One (1) free regular debit per month, current service charges apply thereafter.

Regular debit items include in-branch withdrawals, ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions.

Round Up Savings Program

Make the Most of Your Spending!
This automatic savings program helps you save while you spend. Each time you make a purchase with your WFCU Credit Union MEMBER CARD® debit card your total will be rounded to a round dollar figure selected by you and deposited into your designated account at the end of each day.

Over time it will produce savings that will surprise you from a source you will hardly notice. Use the savings towards a family vacation, donate to a charity or contribute to your RRSP!

Choose from three easy ways to save.

1. Round up to nearest dollar
You make a purchase of $83.15; rounded up to $84 with $0.85 going into your designated account.

2. Round up by a specific dollar amount from $1 to $99 (must be even dollars, no cents)
You make a purchase for $83.15 and you have chosen to have an additional $3 added to every purchase; rounded up to $86.15, the extra $3 will go into your designated account.

3. Round up by a specific percentage from 1% to 99% (must be an even percentage, no decimals)
You make a purchase for $83.15 and you have chosen to have an additional 5% added to every purchase, $4.16 will go into your designated account.

What do members need in order to be eligible for WFCU Credit Union’s Round Up Program?
1. WFCU Credit Union MEMBER CARD debit card that is setup to make Point of Sale (POS) purchases.
2. A WFCU Credit Union chequing account.*
3. A designated WFCU Credit Union account for rounded funds to be transferred into.
*Rounded transfers will only occur from purchases made from a chequing account.

Is there a service fee for the rounded transfers from the chequing account to the designated account?
No – transactions to and from any WFCU Credit Union account have no service fees.

What if there are not enough funds in my chequing account to complete my daily rounded transfer?
If the entire rounded amount, based on all MEMBER CARD debit card  transactions processed that day, is not available in the member’s chequing account or authorized overdraft at the end of day, the round up transfer will not occur. Partial transfers will not take place.

To start saving today, visit any WFCU Credit Union retail location or call the Member Contact Centre at 519-974-3100.