Microsoft Support Scam

image of scammer on computers

How to protect yourself from the Microsoft Support Scam:

This type of fraud is also known as "vishing".  Vishing is voice phishing and uses telephone communication in an attempt to trick you into providing your personal information. Through vishing, fraudsters will make it appear that they are a representative of, or representing a legitimate company. Your caller ID may even display the actual company name and phone number of the company they are trying to falsely represent.

If you receive an unsolicited telephone call from someone claiming to be from WFCU Credit Union, know that we will never ask you to disclose your PIN or passwords over the telephone. We will also never ask you to withdraw money or perform any financial transaction through an unknown web address, for any reason.

WFCU Credit Union will call you about unusual activity on your account or in response to a request you initiated. We may also call you periodically about new products, services or events you may be interested in. To ensure that we are speaking with the correct person, we will ask you to answer basic questions at the start of the call in order to verify your identity.

If for any reason you feel that the questions being asked of you are inappropriate, we recommend that you end the call and contact WFCU Credit Union at 519-974-WFCU to verify the legitimacy of the call.