INTERAC e-Transfer® Fraud

INTERAC e-Transfer® is a quick, easy, secure way to send, receive and request money when you know the proper security measures to follow.

Fraudsters are coming up with new, more elaborate ways to scam you for your hard-earned money almost daily;  and one of newest ways being used to scam unsuspecting individuals is through Intercepted INTERAC e-Transfer®.

What is an Intercepted INTERAC e-Transfer®?

An intercepted INTERAC e-Transfer® occurs when the money you send, or were to receive, gets seized and deposited into a fraudsters account, before you or the intended recipient has a chance to receive it.

The intercept is not caused by lack of security measures or vulnerability with INTERAC e-Transfer®, your credit union or bank, but rather is a result of the intended recipient’s email account being hacked.

Once a fraudster has access to the recipient’s email account, they are able to view the notifications from Interac and use the deposit link to redirect funds to their fraudulent account by answering the security question which many people often provide within the message of their INTERAC e-Transfer® or by email to the recipient.

To protect yourself again this type of fraud, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Do not put the answer to the security question in the message box or provide the answer of the security question to the intended recipient using email or text. Call the recipient to provide the answer.
  • Select a question and answer that is not easy for a third party to guess and cannot easily be found on social media. If the notification is intercepted, it will be harder for a criminal to answer and steal the funds.
  • Register for Autodeposit. Having funds automatically deposited into your account removes the risk of a criminal intercepting the deposit email.
  • Be cautious. Don’t open emails or click on links that seem suspicious.
  • Notify your financial institution immediately if you sense anything fraudulent about a transaction.
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