Card Fraud

How to protect yourself from Card Fraud:

Never loan your card or share your PIN with anyone.
Don’t write your PIN down and choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that would be hard to guess.

Report all lost or stolen cards immediately.
You will be provided with a new card.

Always be cautious regarding sensitive information.
If you receive a phone call asking for your card numbers and information, do not provide the your card details unless you know and trust the caller.

Online purchases should only be made with reputable retailers with secure websites.
The website address should start with https:// - the “s’’ indicates it’s secure.  

Don’t insert your cards into machines or terminals that have parts that wiggle, are damaged, or look out of place. These signs could indicate the machine has a card skimmer attached.

Ensure you review your credit union account statement.
It's a good idea to review your statement at least once a month and report any discrepancies immediately.