Interac e-Transfer Enhancements

Interac e-Transfers just got better with the introduction of two new features that make it easier for you to send and receive money. Click here for more info about the new Interac e-Transfer enhancements.

Request Money

The request money feature allows you to easily request money you are owed or to use as a friendly reminder when friends or family may have forgotten to pay you back.

Using your online or mobile banking you simply select a contact, enter an amount, and select the account where you would like funds to be deposited – all as part of your request. There is even an option to add a personalized message, or enter an invoice number if you are using this feature for businesses purposes.

An Interac e-Transfer notification will then be sent to your selected contact. Once they receive the notification, they can fulfill the request by logging into their online banking, and the funds will be immediately deposited into your bank account.

Autodeposit is a secure way to receive money without having to answer security questions for every transaction. It is designed to make receiving money even simpler by linking your email address to your account at WFCU Credit Union.

When an Interac e-Transfer is sent to you, the payment will automatically be deposited into the account associated with your email address. You will then receive a notification that funds were deposited.

Now, there is no need to select the Financial Institution, login to your online banking and answer a security question. You just need to select ‘Autodeposit’, enter your email address and select the account that you want associated together.

A game changer for small businesses
If you’re a Small Business member Autodeposit and Request Money via Interac e-Transfer are key features that will enable you to turn your online banking into your business payments hub.

With these features, you will be able to:

  • To request payments
  • Receive funds faster
  • Track payments online
  • Improve cash flow management

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