Annual General Meeting


For the safety and security of our Members as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, WFCU Credit Union’s 36th Annual Meeting will take place virtually using the Zoom for Business platform on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to receive the annual report of the Board of Directors and President & CEO; receive and vote to consider, the report of the Treasurer on the Financial Statements; the report of the Auditor; the report of the Audit Committee; the report of the Nominating Committee; the appointment of the Auditor; to announce the results of the election of Directors; to announce the results of the Special Business placed before the Members regarding amendments to the Credit Union’s General By-Law; and to transact such other business as may properly come before an Annual Meeting of Members.

Special Business
The following Special Business will be placed before the Membership for consideration. The Board of Directors will be recommending to the Membership of WFCU Credit Union an amendment to the Credit Union’s General By-Law:

1. Section 4.10 to further clarify approval for a Director to participate in a meeting by telephone, electronic or other means of communication;

2. Section 4.13 to further define the notice of meeting for Board Meetings to include the calling of special meetings, in time sensitive situations, or in the event of an emergency;

3. Section 4.16 to further define regular scheduled Board Meetings and meeting attendance.

And furthermore, the Credit Union has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Education Credit Union Limited dated May 25, 2020;

The following Special Business will be placed before the Membership for consideration.

4. To consider and, if thought advisable, to confirm, pursuant to section 107 of the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 1994 (the “Act”), a special resolution which amends the Credit Union’s by-laws to facilitate the closing of the Credit Union’s purchase of the assets and business of Education Credit Union Limited. The Board of the Credit Union, in compliance with the asset purchase agreement dated May 25, 2020 with respect to the above-noted transaction, is proposing amendments to the Credit Union’s by-laws which increase the size of its Board by
1 member, to 9 members, and allocates 1 Board position to an individual who resides or works within the municipal boundaries of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

5. The Credit Union is also proposing a reduction in its minimum membership share requirement to one $5 Membership share, from its current minimum of 17, $5 Membership shares.

6. To conduct such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournments thereof.

Registration is required.  To register to attend WFCU Credit Union’s 36th Annual Meeting and receive your credentials to take part in the associated voting please click here. Members must register by 4:59pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

All reports will be provided electronically to registered Members, in advance, and all voting will occur electronically prior to the meeting using the online voting platform Simply Voting.

Voting will open Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 9:01am and close at 4:59pm on
Wednesday, September 2, 2020. 
There will be no voting during the meeting.  All reports and information will be provided in advance via email and/or the voting platform.  The meeting will announce the results of the voting. 

For questions or concerns please contact the Corporate Secretary,
WFCU Credit Union Corporate Office
3000 Marentette Ave.
Windsor, Ontario  N8X 4G2


WFCU Credit Union held its 36th Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 3, 2020, virtually through the Zoom for Business platform where Marty Gillis, Chair, WFCU Credit Union Board of Directors and Eddie Francis, President & CEO, WFCU Credit Union announced to members that despite the challenges of Covid-19, WFCU maintained its services to members, adapted to new realities, and ensured members’ financial well-being was prioritized; while too, maintaining a focused approach in meeting the goals to position the credit union for sustained growth, advancement and success.

In their Report to the Membership, Mr. Gillis and Mr. Francis recognized the results of a successful year.  “A number of years ago, we set out with ambitious goals in mind, to grow WFCU to be the preferred financial service provider in our region and across Ontario, to gain market share through organic growth, to build the best credit union, and to meet our members’ needs while making investments that would ensure our long-term sustainability. By building on our strong foundation and taking a balanced approach to allocating our resources through investment in our members, our staff and our financial strength, we are happy to report we are achieving our goals,” reflected Mr. Francis.

In the Report of the Treasurer on the credit union’s financial position the financials illustrate the credit union’s growth and profitability.  Total on book assets have increased 13.5% to $3.0 billion as at May 31, 2020. Member Service Totals grew to $7.0 billion. WFCU continues to provide excellent lending opportunities to its members. Commercial activities have increased by 10% over the prior year, while mortgages and personal loans have increased by 19%. Members also continue to entrust WFCU with their deposits with an increase of 7% over the prior year with the total increased 13% over the prior year.

“We must acknowledge that without the dedication of our staff, guidance of our management teams and support of our Board of Directors, our response to Covid-19 and our accomplishments over the past years would not have been possible,” said Mr. Gillis.  Adding that the efforts by all involved have allowed the credit union to continue to be able to share their profitability with members and the communities the credit union serves.

Gillis and Francis also stressed that throughout all of the advancements experienced, the credit union’s purpose remained the same, grounded in the roots of their cooperative values. “As a credit union our purpose is to provide for our members and the communities we serve, by elevating the role of banking to provide better financial solutions and allowing our members to realize their financial goals through our delivery of market-leading products, services and technology.” 

As part of the Annual General Meeting process, the following members were acclaimed to a three-year position on the WFCU Board of Directors – Mrs. Patricia France and Mr. Vic Neufeld.

As part of the Annual General Meeting, Gillis and Francis confirmed WFCU’s members support of asset purchase agreement with Education Credit Union.  To meet the requirements of the proposed agreement WFCU Credit Union members voted on amendments to the credit union’s by-laws.  The results of the vote revealed 98.5% in favour of the amendments.  They shared that as a result of Education Credit Union’s membership voting overwhelmingly in favour of the partnership and WFCU’s membership approving the by-law amendments, the two credit unions will become one October 1, 2020 and Education Credit Union will become ECU a Division of WFCU Credit Union.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of ECU Chair, James McCormack and the Board, CEO Gary Renouf, Management and all ECU Staff to move this forward,” stated Marty Gillis, Chair, WFCU Credit Union Board of Directors.  “We are honoured to bring our teams and Memberships together and to provide the best products and services to our regions.”

“On behalf of WFCU Credit Union I want to express my thanks to the members of Education Credit Union for having the confidence in both Education Credit Union and WFCU Credit Union to proceed with this partnership,” said Eddie Francis, President and CEO, WFCU Credit Union. “Our shared vision and motivated desire excite us about the opportunity to come together to strengthen both of our credit unions’ cooperative positions. Together we will grow stronger, bring our members a wider range of market-leading banking options, and further assist our members in meeting, reaching and exceeding their financial goals.”


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