Community Programs

Community Investment Program

WFCU Credit Union is committed to assisting and supporting organizations and individuals that will contribute to the well-being of our community, with particular emphasis on youth, education and health.

WFCU Credit Union strives to remain a responsible corporate citizen and invest in Windsor and its surrounding areas through its participation, donations and support of the community. Supporting our community is a sound investment with both short and long-term benefits.

WFCU Credit Union will generally support the following initiatives of Youth, Health/Welfare and Social Agencies, Education, Community/Civic Projects and the Ontario Credit Union Charitable Foundation.

The Community Investment Program consists of the following:

Community Relations Programs

The Community Relations Program includes Youth Sponsorships, Initiatives, Charitable Sponsorship and Donations. Each year the credit union establishes an operational budget of community involvement initiatives worthy of ongoing support by the credit union.


Through our association with local sports organizations, WFCU Credit Union's Harold Hewitt Scholarship, LaSalle Strawberry Festival Pageant Scholarship and the Miss Tecumseh Pageant Scholarship, WFCU Credit Union is able to contribute to post secondary education for youth in our community.

2017 Harold Hewitt Scholarship - We thank all those who have submitted applicatoins for the 2017 Harold Hewitt Scholarship (HHS) Program.


Goods-In-Kind and Volunteerism

Including support for numerous organizations and their fundraising activities through the donation of goods-in-kind as well as volunteerism. Many members of WFCU Credit Union's Board of Directors and staff volunteer for various Boards and Committees throughout the community and for numerous fundraising events. WFCU Credit Union also provides product to organizations for use in fundraising raffles and auctions.

WFCU Community Rooms

The Community Rooms are located in each retail location and are made available to community groups free of charge for their meetings. Refreshments are also available free of charge to the groups. All non-profit groups approved for use by WFCU Credit Union are eligible.

2018 Community Room Booking Package

The Community 1 Chequing Account

The Community 1 Chequing Account designed for charities and community organizations provides organizations with a means for their funds to earn interest, calculated daily and paid monthly.
A monthly fee of $3.50 can be waived when a minimum monthly balance of $2,500 is maintained.

The Community Donations Fund

Each fiscal year, funds are allocated for distribution to worthwhile community and charitable organizations and used to support agency programs and projects.  These programs and projects are facilitated within the communities of Windsor and Essex County.

The Multi-Year Giving Program

The Multi-Year Giving Program provides a means for WFCU Credit Union to assist charitable and/or non-profit organizations that are embarking on Capital projects. Support for these requests for funding is spread over three years.


WFCU Credit Union also provides support to the Ontario Credit Union Charitable Foundation.  As a result of WFCU Credit Union's commitment to the Community Investment Program, Imagine Canada's Caring Company Program designated WFCU Credit Union as a Caring Company.



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