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Choosing the right mortgage and mortgage features doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult. If you're looking for a new mortgage or a mortgage renewal around the University of Windsor, doing your homework and following a few simple guidelines will ensure you make the choices that are right for you and your current financial situation.

Be realistic.  Consider your lifestyle expenses. Can your existing lifestyle (entertainment, leisure, travel, etc.) be maintained if you decide to purchase a home at your maximum pre-approved amount? If you lead an extravagant or leisurely lifestyle and intend to maintain that lifestyle, ensure you factor in those expenses before committing to a mortgage amount.

Don’t stop at the rate. Although rate is an important factor in selecting the right mortgage around the University of Windsor, investigate the term, payment and pre-payment options that may help to pay off your mortgage faster. 

WFCU Credit Union has the best mortgages around the University of Windsor.  Call 519-974-WFCU for more information or to set up your appointment today!

Get insured. As your home is likely your largest expenditure, you want to ensure your family is protected should something happen to you. Educate yourself with the types of mortgage insurance financial institutions can offer you. Have peace of mind with options such as optional group mortgage protection life insurance coverage, and critical illness or loss of employment insurance coverage.

Get pre-approved. Before even looking for a new home you will save time by getting pre-approved for a specific mortgage amount that will keep you focused on what price range you should be working towards.

Personalized service. No rate, term or other options can beat the personalized advice of a professional lender. You want a representative that will review all the important pieces of your mortgage with you and give you the information and confidence you need to make one of the most significant decisions in your life.

Whether your mortgage is maturing, you are purchasing a new home or renovating your existing home, find the type of mortgage that fits you. Offering second mortgages around the University of Windsor, WFCU Credit Union has a variety of Mortgage products to suit whatever your situation. Cashback mortgages give you extended benefits to help pay for things such as furniture, renovations, a vacation or whatever is on your wish list, but come with a higher interest rate.

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