Search Tips

Using the Branch/ATM Locator

This Locator is designed to help you easily find a branch or surcharge-free ATM. You can search by:

Search by location or region

First, you must either enter a location or select a region. Tips for entering a location.

Search for branches, ATMs or both by clicking Branch Search, ATM Search, or both checkboxes. Click Search.

Adding service options

You can also narrow your search to branches and/or ATMs that offer specific services. Simply select the services you require from the Branch Search Options and ATM Search Options sections, located below the map.


Once you have selected all the relevant options, click Search. The search results will be marked on the map and listed beside it. Click on More Info for branch hours, services, and directions.

Note: The ATM search results will list ATMs as well as any surcharge-free ATMs from other financial institutions. These ATMs will not charge you fees for using them.

Map Search

You can use the map as a search tool as well. Drag the map left, right, up or down to display the desired area and click Search. The results will show branches and/or ATMs that are located in the displayed map area.

Tips for entering a location

The location you enter is used as a centre point. Up to 20 results within a 5 km radius of your location will be shown.

For best results, enter your location in one of the following formats:

You can use either capital or lower case letters — this will not affect the search. If your location cannot be identified, try spelling out abbreviations and removing symbols. Entering only a province could yield unsatisfactory results, such as listings of branches and ATMs located near the geographic centre of the province.