Service Fees - Commercial Members

Service Fee Update

WFCU Credit Union offers members an extended lineup of services to make everyday banking more convenient for our members.

The following Service Fee updates will be implemented, effective July 1, 2019.

Item Current New
ALTO Business
Deposits/Credits Unlimited Unlimited
Withdrawals/Debits $0.00 $2.50
Cash & Coin Deposited $0.00 $1.00/$1,000
Cash & Coin Supplied $0.00 $1.00/$1,000
USD Business Accounts
Deposits/Credits $1.00 USD $1.50 USD
Withdrawals/Debits $1.00 USD $1.50 USD
Cash & Coin Deposited $0.00 $1.00/$1,000 USD
Cash & Coin Supplied $0.00 $1.00/$1,000 USD

Current Service Fees

Below are a list of the common service fees for 2018-2019.

Item Service Fee
Account Confirmation $25.00
Cash/Coin Float Preparation $84.00/hr + HST
Cash Supplied $1.25 + HST per $1,000
Chargeback - Per Cheque or CAFT Item $5.00
Corporate Deposit Capture $75.00 (Setup)
$50.00 (Monthly)
Chequing Monthly Service Fee $20.00
Mailed Paper Statements $3.00/statement
Night Depository - Annual Fee Per Bag No charge
Optional Overdraft Protection $10/month + applicable interest charges

Plus... Foreign currency exchange services.

Note: Fees for ancillary services may be included or waived as part of specific account offerings.

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